We are a boutique merchandise company specializing in tees, posters and any other items you can dream of.
Years of band merchandise production, creative direction, fashion industry experience plus access to the best printing and manufacturing facilities make Some Product Merch the perfect choice.

Rene Salomon From touring with The Clash in the early 80's to rooming with Ice T on a whole tour, Rene has over 30 years of experience and connections in every aspect of music merchandise. Rene has the ability to co-ordinate logistics for any tour, show or production run and the stories to go with it. He is currently the merchandise rep in Vancouver B.C. for Blustein Productions and he probably sold you your first concert t-shirt.
David Briker With over 20 years experience in the design and creative field, David has the vision and skill to create or oversee any number of merch related projects. From designing posters for punk shows as a teen, album cover design, music video direction as well as graphic and fashion design, David brings a unique skill set and artistic approach to any project. David currently owns and operates several fashion brands - Some Product, Le Monde Gris and Mycommunitee

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